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- N E W S 2010 -

NEW Champion !
Rosebury Eye Catching finished at the International show in Kielce yesterday the polish Championship title !
Catchy got exe1, CAC, Winner and CACIB under judge Dorota Ząbek

gratulations !!!!

Rosebury Forest Gump "Dusty" wins at the CAC Meitingen 13.11.10 under
judge Mr Istvan Csik (D) Exc 1, CAC, LS Baden-Württemberg and BOS - best of opposite Sex !

Blenheim Palace Championship Show 2010

thanks to Vlada for the Impressions !

Rosebury Hanky Pank

good news from Hungary:

Rosebury Hanky Pank (Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Burberry)
got at the CAC Miskolc, Hungary - under judge Judge Mr. Nemanja Jovanovic from Serbia

Excellent I., Junior Winner (HPJ) !

gratulations to Hanky's owner Veronika Kovacsicsne Ujj

* new Champion *
Rosebury Forest Gump
(Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Sea Rose) got the title German Youth Champion VK !
CAC Söhrewald 2.10.2010 under judge Barbara Pallasky: V1 J-CAC VDH + VK

gratulations to the proud owners - family Kopcic !

two little Dreamer ....

21.10.2010 we are happy about 1 black and tan male
and 1 black and tan female by
Dorian Gray of Woodville x Dahlia von der Hohenzollernfeste !

7 days old

our eyecatching boys by Rosebury Cosmopolitan and Rosebury Romantic Classic:

Rosebury Jazz Pants

Rosebury Jenkins

our two sweet party(colour) boys in the nest !
Rosebury Jazz Pants and Rosebury Jenkins
by Rosebury Cosmopolitan x Ch. Rosebury Romantic Classic - born 31.08.2010

click here for pedigree !

wonderful news ! :
Rosebury Eye Catching (Maibee Moffat x Rosebury Romantic Classic)
won at the Cavalier Clubshow in Melnik (Czech Republic)
under judges Diane Fry (female) and Tracy Jackson (male) - Amantra kennels GB -
Exc 1# and CAC out of the open class !
There were a total entry of 219 dogs !

our kindest gratulations to Inga, proud owner of Catchy !

Gratulations to Rosebury Cosmopolitan,
Cosmo won at the CAC Schopfloch Germany Exc #1,CAC, best of Opposite Sex, Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW #1 !
under judge Bertold Peterburs (D) ! gratulations to the proud owner of Cosmo, Martina Hartung !

... Rosebury Eyecatching "Catchy" looks like her father ...
Maibee Moffat x Rosebury Romantic Classic

Ch. Rosebury Butterfly - Russ. Champion
(Rosebury Sheridian x Rosebury Handle with Care)
new pictures from little Tessa - owner: Inna Bazba Russia

our two party-tigers - two little "Cosmopolitans" !

two tricolour males by Rosebury Cosmopolitan x Rosebury Romantic Classic
born 31.08.2010

our first partycolour litter this year !

sweet Dahlia v.d. Hohenzollernfeste - by Leelyn Flash Harry x Rosebury Pinch Me I'm Dreamin'


Rosebury Goodspeed wins at the CACIB show in Mechelen Belgium under judge Ferdi Dickmann (D) Exc #1 and best Junior male !

Belgian Clubshow CAC Pejatoyspa 18.07.2010 - Rosebury Goodspeed "Mickey"
(Maibee Hardy x Rosebury Romantic Classic)
wins under judge Martha Heine junior class with Exc #1 !
our kindest gratulations to the proud owner of Mickey, Sabine Vockerick, Belgium

the Roseburies successfull at the CAC Nürnberg 11.7.2010
judge: Barbara Pallasky (D)

Rosebury Forrest Gump:

Males junior V1 J-CAC Landesjugendsieger Franken Opf 2010 Rosebury Forrest Gump
males intermed.: V1 CAC Rosebury Darwin
V2 Res-CAC Rosebury Cosmopolitan
V4 Rosebury Double Agent
Females intermed: V1 CAC Landessiegerin Franken Opf 2010 Dahlia v.d. Hohenzollernfeste

our guest at Rosebury in July

Rosebury Cosmopolitan

Cosmo (Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Ocean Drive)

hopefully his stay at Rosebury will be crowned with some puppies ;-)

"Izzy" Rosebury Icing on the Cake our sweet trico girl by
Lanola Roland Garros x Rosebury Ocean Drive
already 6 months young now

CACIB Giessen 29.5.2010

Rosebury Forrest Gump (Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Sea Rose) was happy to win the junior class #1 Exc 1 JCAC
at the international dog show in Giessen and
got the Youth BOB under judge E. Deutscher (A). At the same day he won in the honour ring #7 best young dog of the day (all breeds !)

CAC Knittelsheim 22.5.2010

Rosebury Darwin (Rosebury Honey Bear x Rosebury Sea Rose) wins in Knittelsheim
the intermediate class males Exc 1 CAC, best of oppos. sex and BOB under judge Tanja Engel (D)

a few months before Darwin has had his show debut in January 2010 when he started his show career in the adult classes at the internat. dog show in Nuremberg - here he won at the first time in the intermed. class Exc 1, CAC, VDH CAC and Res. CACIB under judge E. Deutscher (A)

1 + 2 May 2010 a successfull weekend for the ROSEBURies in Belgium and Poland !

Gratulations to the proud owner and perfect handler Sabine Vockerick BE and her baby "Mickey"

2.May 2010

CACIB Łódź Poland - Rosebury Eye Catching wins under judge Annukka Paloheimo (FIN) Exe#1 and CAC!

Richter: Jean-Francois Vanaken (B) Besitzer: Inga Woznica PL

Richter: Gatheral Caroline Besitzer: Sabine Vockerick BE

to our News in 2009 !

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