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please find here some pictures of Cavaliers - some from today and others only known from the history in our pedigrees.

Click on the dog names to view their pedigree

A Foolish Love v.d. Hohenzollernfeste

CACIB Show Mechelen (Belgium) judge Mw. Stuifbergen-Hoetjes:
Best of Breed (BOB)

CAC Show La Louvrière judge August De Wilde:
Best of Opposite Sex and CAC

CACIB Show Antwerpen judge August De Wilde:
Best of Opposite Sex (out of the Junior class)

"Arajke" is proudly owned by Linda Devolder (BE)

Ch I'm Donna v.d. Hohenzollernfeste

Ch. Immenhof's Donovan x Marlen Little Princess

German Champion
German VDH Champion
Bundessiegerin 1999 + 2000 Austria
Dt. Jugendchampion
Top winning Cavalier female 2000 Germany

Ch Melody v.d. Hohenzollernfeste

Most Winning Cavalier Germany 2001

German Champion
German VDH Champion
Österreichische Clubsiegerin
German Youth Champion
Luxembourg Youth Champion

multiple BOB's and Best in Show placings

Best in Show #1 under judge Mrs. Elsbeth Clerc (CH)

Ch Showmaster v.d. Hohenzollernfeste

German Youth Champion
Luxembourg Youth Champion
Tschechischer Champion
Polnischer Champion
Slovenischer Champion
Clubsieger 2003
Austrian Show Winner 2004

15 x CAC, 3 x CACIB, 2 x r. CACIB, 3 x BOB

"Showmaster" is proudly owned by Hana and Pavel Krenkovi

Ch Taffeta v.d. Hohenzollernfeste

German Youth Champion
Bundesjuniorwinner Austria 2001
Clubwinner Austria 2001

Best in Show #1 Meitingen 2001 judge Mrs. Elsbeth Clerc (CH)
/ all toy breeds !

J-Ch. Rosebury Girlfriend

German Youth Champion

"Lizzy" is proudly owned by Christine & Günter Graße "v.d. Bajuwaren"

Ch Rosebury Honey Bear

German Champion VK
German Champion VDH
German Youth Champion

BOB CACIB Leipzig 2006 under judge Mrs. A. Starke (D)
BOB CAC Neussen under judge Mr. Maciej Kozber (Pol)
BOB CAC Meitingen under judge Mrs. E. Bolt (CH)

"Robby" is proudly owned by Dagmar Wunder, Germany

Ch Rosebury Isn't She Lovely

Champion Japan

"Sheila" is proudly owned by Mami Daiguji

Ch Rosebury Justin Thyme

International Champion
Champion Poland

Internationaler Champion
Champion Poland
10. May 2009 - CACIB Show Bratislava - judge Javorcik Vladimir.
Tamy (Rosebury Justin Thyme) wins the Championclass with Exc #1 CAC and CACIB ticket
and fullfills with this winning the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONTITLE !!!

09.02.08 CACIB Show Rzeszów -
Exc#1, CAC, CACIB, Best of Opposite Sex,

Best of Breed and Best of FCI Group 9 #1

under judge Mrs. Krystyna Szulc

09.05.2006 slovakian Clubwinnershow 2006 judge Di Fry (Amantra Kennel GB) V2 and res. CC
07.05.2005 slovakian clubwinnershow 2005 under judge Mrs Jocelyn Inman - Cunningham (GB - kennel "Chamanic") V1 and CC
25.09.2005 CACIB Wroclaw - V1, CC
24.04.2005 CACIB Opole - V1, CC and res.CACIB
17.07.2005 CAC Kosice (Slovakia) V1, CC and BOB
06.03.2005 CAC Jaroslaw - V1, CC and BOB
16.05.2004 CAC Kielce - V1, JCC, best junior and BOB
23.05.2004 CAC Bytom - V1, JCC

"Thamy" is proudly owned by Inga Wysocka, Poland

JCh Rosebury Miss Mystery

German Junior Champion
J - Best in Show Neußen # 1 (toy group)

JCAC's under judges:
Collette Muldoon (IRL), Karin Bernadis (A) and Peter Machetanz (D)

"Terry" is proudly owned by Christine & Günter Graße "v.d. Bajuwaren"

Ch Rosebury Nickelback

Russian Champion
Moldavian Champion

European Junior Winner Helsinki 2006 (FCI)
Jr. Champion Russia
Jr. Champion Moldavia

VHC Winner Crufts Dog Show Birmingham 2007

Best in Group 9 +
2. Best in Show CACIB Kishinev
(all breeds)

BOB's under the following judges:
Mr. Hans Almgren (Sweden), Mr. Walter Jungblut (Ger), Mr. Christian Stefaneskcu (Rom), Mr. Stavoraki (Rom),
Mr. Sedih (Rus) and Jr. Winner under Mr. Ellis Hulme (GB)

"Cash" is proudly owned by Vlada Yakovleva

JCh Rosebury Ocean Drive

German Junior Champion

Ch Rosebury Redford

Korean Champion

7 x BOB / FCI + # BG 3 FCI Group 9

"Frankie" is owned by Koeun Kim

JCh Rosebury Sheridian

German Junior Champion

BOB under judge Mr. Stefan Sinko
Junior Best in Show #3

"Sherry" is owned by Claudia Hollweg & Christine + Günter Graße

JCh Amantra Royal Black

BOB + BIS #2. CACIB Almelo (NL)
German Youth Champion
Luxembourg Youth Champion
Clubsieger CZ 2002
+ Best Black and Tan of the day
Bundesjugendsieger 2002

Nero won CC tickets in

Ch Chantiz Queen Bee

BOB under judge Mrs. Karin Kuntner CAC Show Dresden
Best in Show junior #1

Ch Gwenda van Cavino

Most winning Cavalier female Germany 1999

German Champion
Luxembourg Champion
German Youth Champion

Ch Turretbank Spencer

German Champion
Verbandssieger VK 2002

a several dogs are missing because we temporarily do not have a picture - they will be added, soon

J-Ch. Sugarbaby v.d. Hohenzollernfeste
Spencer v.d. Hohenzollernfeste
J-Ch. Rosebury No Angel
J-Ch. Turretbank Lyndabelle Lancelot
Ch. Stonehill's Inspiration
Ch. Crown Hunter Kim Brasil
Ch. Marlen Little Princess
Ch. Denice van Cavino


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