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Rosebury Nickelback


clear heart 2008 ~ patellae tested ~

International Champion

FCI Jr. European Winner 2006
Champion Russia (RKF and RFLS)
Champion Moldavia
Champion Bulgaria
Jr. Champion Russia
Jr. Champion Moldavia

Best in Group 9 +
2. Best in Show CACIB Kishinev
(all breeds)

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Nickelback is proudlly owned by Vlada Yakovleva, RUS
you are welcome at Cash's website at

please note !!! all pictures are copyright by Vlada Yakovleva !!!


cavalier rosebury nickelback

Cash won BOB's (Best of Breed) under the following judges:
Mr. Hans Almgren (Sweden), Mr. Walter Jungblut (Ger), Mr. Christian Stefaneskcu (Rom), Mr. Stavoraki (Rom), Mrs. Svetlana Dryzinina (Rus), Mrs. Monik Van Brempt (Belgium), Mr. Sedih (Rus), Mr. Horst Kliebenstein (Germany) and Jr. Winner under Mr. Ellis Hulme (GB)

Cash has had a wonderful start in his show career - in 2006:

04.November 2006 - national Show Derzava / Moskow - under judge Mr. Hans Almgren (Sweden): V 1, CAC and BOB
28.October 2006 - International Show / CACIB Moskow - under judge Mr. W. Jungblut (D): V 1, CACIB, CAC and BOB
11. June 2006 - FCI European Winner Show Helsinki - under judge Ellis Hulme (UK) - J-CAC and Jr.EuropeanWinner 2006 !!
27.May 2006 - Cavalier Clubshow Moscow under judge L. Mun (RUS): CAC, jr. Clubwinner
14.May 2006 - Junior Derby CACIB Kishinev: CAC, best Junior, BOB,
Best in Group 9 and BEST IN SHOW 2. (all breeds !)

13.May 2006 - Junior Derby Kishinev: CAC, best Junior, BOB
13.May - second show: Junior Derby: CAC, best Junior, BOB
08.May 2006 - National Show Moscow: CAC, best Junior, BOB

And going on in 2007

08 June 2007 FCI EuropaSiegerSchau Zagreb / Kroatien "Cash" wins at the FCI EuropeanWinnerShow the Intermediate Class with Exc. #1 + CAC under judge Mrs. Cathy Delmar (IRL)

21 April 2007 International Dog Show / CACIB St. Petersburg "Cash" wins at the CACIB/International Dog Show in St. Petersburg/RUS Saturday AND Sunday Exc #1 CACIB, CAC, Best of Opposite Sex and BOB (Best of Breed) ! Judges had been Mrs. Svetlana Dryzinina (Rus) and Mrs. Monik Van Brempt (Belgium).

25 March 2007 International Show in Girona (Spain)
under Judge Sr. Stelious Makaritis (GR): wins Exc. 1, CW, CAC, CACIB

11 March Crufts Dog Show Birmingham 2007
With 450 entered Cavaliers at the worldwide largest Dog Show !...
Our sweet little boy won the VHC (Very Highly Commendend)
in his Yearling Class under Judge Mr. Bruce Field !!!

and finishing all the titles in 2008

FCI WorldDogShow Stockholm, Sweden 4. July 2008

Cash got at the World Dog Show with 173 entered Cavaliers in the open class males (30 dogs entered) "excellent" - under judge Mr. Kane Frank (UK)

International CACIB Show Sofia Bulgaria 9. May 2008

Exc. #1, CW, CAC, CACIB, BOS under judge Mr. Ivan Dimitrov (Blg)

International CACIB Show Sofia Bulgaria 10. May 2008

Exc. #1, CW, CAC, CACIB, BOB and 3.rd place FCI group 9 under judge Mr. Horst Kliebenstein (Germany)

Cash fullfilled with this winning the


International CACIB Show Girona Spain 30. March 2008

Exc. 1#, CW, R-CACIB under judge Mrs. Yolanda Nagler (ISR)

We are happy and proud about the wonderful titles and winnings of this outstanding and special little Cavalier-boy !

Our kindest gratulations to the proud owner of Cash - Mrs. Vlada Yakovleva, Russia !

Rosebury Nickelback

German Champion


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