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Our puppies and dam’s well being is most important to us and our nearness to them is imperative. The puppies receive lots of "house time", this encourages self-confidence and exposes the puppies to all the sounds of the house, some of which can be very frightening to a young puppy.

We are a small, select kennel that breeds only occasionally. Our litters are carefully planned, we always wish to produce a dog with which we can go in the show ring.

Therefore we do not always have puppies available. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us. Most times people have to wait a while for a puppy from us.

We want to know that the puppy is welcomed in the new home and everything around the puppy is well planned before.

If you have some more questions, please feel free to email or telephone us.

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Claudia Hollweg
Telefon: 0049-(0)9221- 52 15
Telefon: 0049-(0)9131- 530 12 99
Doris & Friedrich Hollweg
Am Gründlein 11
95326 Kulmbach, Germany
Telefon: 0049-(0)9221- 52 15
Telefon: 0049-(0)9131- 530 12 99
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