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What happened this year - 2009

... it was an exciting year - specially in the last few days before christmas. Perfectly fitting to our christmas presents, our tricolour girl "Uschi" Rosebury Ocean Drive got 6 puppies - 3 boys and 3 girls - 1 blenheim girl - 1 blenheim boy - 2 tricolour girls and 2 tricolour boys (please click here for more pictures and pedigree).
Only a few days before we hadn't been so sure that Uschi is really pregnant. She has had a little round belly, but sometimes it does not mean something. All the more we had been happy that we god such a nice litter, we are over the moon with 4 tricolour puppies - and specially2 tricolour girls. The other point is that the father of this litter "Roly" - is not in Germany any more. "Roly" is Lanola Roland Garros (Maibee Montrose x Ch. Lanola Salsa) a wonderful breeding line which we know so well over thhe many years we are breeding.
Ch. Rosebury NickelbackTwo days before we got wonderful news from Russia. On December 19th 2009 won Ch. Rosebury Nickelback at the Champion of the Champions Show the “Golden Collar” RKF (FCI) - Cash won the championclass and got the titleblenheim Wurf aus Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Burberry "Best Dog of the Year 2009" under judge Karl-Erik Johansson (Sweden). Remembering that Cash won this title in 2006 ! Gratulations to his proud owner Vlada Yakovleva, I think this title is really something you can be proud of.

In the beginning of December (10. December 2009) our *orange* blenheim puppies by Babsi (Rosebury Burberry) had been born. This is the first litter by Babsi, father of the puppies is Ch. Timsar Fortune Seeker. We think the litter is promising - there are 2 boys and 1 lovely girl. (click here) for their pedigree. All three are growing and maturing very lovely as you can see on the photos. Rosebury "G" aus Maibee Hardy und Rosebury Romantic Classic
Rosebury Burberry is out of Ch. Rosebury Romantic Classic *Betty*Rosebury Sheridian and Rosebury Handle with Care. She was the first time out at the show weekend in Pfaffenhofen in July this year and got on both days Exc. 1 and CAC and Best of Opposite Sex. A good start !

Also Christine's "Polly" was successfull - Rosebury Copper Sugar got this year her last ticket for the German Youth Champion and finished now the junior-class. Gratulations to her owner Christine !.

Our wonderful Rosebury Romantic Classic" *Betty* finished in 2009 her German Championship title and is therefore our newest champion. Betty had been 4 times with us at the shows and she got 4 times the 1st and CAC. (picture left) !

Only a few weeks later - on August 30th - Betty got her puppies by Ch. Maibee Hardy 2 boys and 1 girl - Rosebury GabriellaAufteilung (click here for the page of this litter. This litter had been born a few days before we though of it - I got the information about the puppies by phone - I had been standing at the airport and waiting for the flight to Helsinki where I had been invited to judge the Cavaliers at a Clubshow.
Rosebury Darwin
One of the puppies - the sweet blenheim girl is allowed to stay longer with us - it is Rosebury Gabriella - with a very nice melting expression (picture right).
It had been a very nice, calm but interested litter. All the puppies loved to be in the garden and had been very helpful with the garden work this autumn. Therefore we gave one of them the name Rosebury Gardener's Delight. The second male on the picture is (in the middle) Rosebury Goodspeed who is now living in Belgium.

And there are some more successfull Roseburies in 2009 !Rosebury Cosmopolitan

Rosebury Darwin (by Rosebury Honey Bear and Rosebury Sea Rose - left) got with his winnings at the shows in Meitingen and the CACIB Friedrichshafen the title German Youth Champion.
And there is one more candidate for the crown - Rosebury Cosmopolitan, Ch. Rosebury Justin Thyme *thamy*a beautiful young tricolour male out of our last litter by Timsar Fortune Seeker and Rosebury Ocean Drive who is owned by Martina Hartung. Cosmo got a few class winnings and CAC tickets this year. We will have our fingers crossed that you will have luck !
At the World Dog Show in Bratislava in October 2009 Rosebury Nickelback, Justin Thyme and Ultramarine met each other. All three got some wonderful results at the world winner show - Ch. Rosebury Justin Thyme "Thamy" won beside of this at the World Cavalier Show Bratislava next day under judge Mrs Valerie Harvey ( Rivermoor Cavaliers, UK) the championclass with Exc 1 and CAC and finished with this winning Slovakian Championtitel ! Thamy is already International Champion - our gratulations to the owner of Thamy Rosebury For Pleasure *Fiona* Inga Wysocka ! unfortunately we had not been able to be at the show, so we are much more happy to hear the good news. And one more little girl from Russia was in 2009 successfull: it is the littermate to Rosebury Burberry - Rosebury Butterfly who won a several times this year the CACIB - ticket and BOB and got the Russian Championtitle. A wonderful start for this young girl - and gratulations to her owner Inna Bazba !
there are some many more successfull Rosebury Sea Rose *Linda*Roseburies and Hohenzollern-kids ... to many to name them here all ...

On 21th June 2009 our puppies by Rosebury Sea Rose *Linda* and Timsar Fortune Seeker had been born - 2 girls and 2 boys in blenheim - four funny little F's ... one of them had been allowed to stay with us - it isRosebury For Pleasure *Fiona*. She is so similar to her mother Linda at this age. Linda is out of our last litter by our english Chantiz Queen Bee and Miletree Gerry McGuire. Queen Bee is now more than Dahlia von der Hohenzollernfeste 10 years old and was in 2008 retired.

Unfortunately we havn't had some ruby or black and tan puppies in 2009. Our offspring from litters in 2008 are waiting in the wings, but our tragical loss of our sweet Pepper Rosebury Pinch Me I'm Dreamin' in spring this year will be unforgotten.
We are happy that we have Pepper's daughter Dahlia out of the mating with Leelyn Flash Harry - Dahlia von der Hohenzollernfeste and her halfsister by Ch. X-tra Sweet von der Hohenzollernfeste and Leelyn Flash Harry - Carla von der HoCarla von der Hohenzollernfestehenzollernfeste. Both black and tan girls are looking similar and have similar pedigrees. They haveboth Ch. Gwenda van Cavino - our oldest girl in their pedigree (far on the right side of the pedigree) who will have her 13th birthday this year. Another very old girl we have at home is ourCh. Melody von der Hohenzollernfeste who will have her 11th birthday this year.

Hopefully we will have some more luck with the wholecolour breedings and we will have some ruby and black and tan puppies again in 2010. Hopefully. Here are now the first pictures of our black treasures - on the right Dahlia and on the left side is Carla von der HohenzollernfesteCarla. Both are also in their body very promising ! So - we hope for an interesting new year 2010 !
One last picture from an interested Papparazziin ruby who observed us.

We wish you lots of fun with your Cavalier
Familie Hollweg !

*Rosebury Gardener's Delight, Rosebury Goodspeed and Rosebury Gabriella*
by Maibee Hardy and Rosebury Romantic Classic

our 3 georgeous puppies

what a *Sweetie*

rosebury eye catching

so much like her parents ...
Rosebury Eye Catching *Catchy*
(Maibee Moffat x Rosebury Romantic Classic)

World Cavalier Show Bratislava

Judge Mrs Valerie Harvey, Rivermoor Cavaliers, UK

Ch. Rosebury Justin Thyme wins the Championclass with Exc 1 and gets the CAC ticket,
Thamy fullfills with this last ticket the Slovakian Championtitle !

FCI World Dog Show / Welthundeausstellung Bratislava 2009

world dog show bratislava

family meeting ... der Roseburies

Ch. Rosebury Nickelback, Ch. Rosebury Justin Thyme und Ch. Rosebury Ultramarine trafen sich in Bratislava.

und alle drei schnitten mit dem beachtlichen Ergebnis *excellent* ab

CAC Schauwochenende 10. + 11. October 2009 Meitingen

unter Richterin Frau Irene Hess und Frau Karin Biala-Gauß bekommt

Rosebury Darwin (Ch. Rosebury Honey Bear x Rosebury Sea Rose) bekommt unter beiden Richterinnen das Vorzüglich 1
mit Jugend-CAC und Landesjugendsieger Bayern / Baden Württemberg

Darwin got with this two winnings the title German Youth Champion !

Rosebury Butterfly "Tessa"

finished her Russian Championship title and ...

CACIB Zaporozhje in Ukraine 2xCACIB show.

19/09/09 - judge G.Schegol (Georgia) - CAC, CACIB, Ch. Ukraine!

20/09/09 - judge R.Chomasuridze (Russia) - CAC, res. CACIB, Grand Ch. Ukraine!


new photos at puppy creche !

photos of our puppies from yesterday - 4.10.2009

Rosebury *g*

and only a few days ago ...

* H E R B S T Z E I T *

mit Catchy - Rosebury Eye Catching (Maibee Moffatt x Rosebury Romantic Classic)
wünschen wir allen eine wunderschöne Herbstzeit mit wundervollen bunten Spaziergängen

Dankeschön an Inga Wysocka aus Polen für die fantastischen Aufnahmen

Ch. Rosebury Ultramarine *Marek* ein hübscher Sohn aus Rosebury Handle with Care und
Ch. Pensrick Dixie Lee der bei Alesya Motsna in der Ukraine lebt

cavalierking charles spaniel

Rosebury Cosmopolitan - out of Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Ocean Drive
has found his passion in the horsemanship....

Is there something that Cavaliers cannot do ... ?

cavalier King charles spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel

many thakx to Mrs Frau Martina Hartung for the wonderful photographs of
Cosmo (Rosebury Cosmopolitan)

our summer-kids

enjoying the sunshine in Germany !

11. August - 6 weeks old - here are new pics !

blenheim wurf - 6 wochen


happy birthday cash !

our puppies are born by Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Sea Rose - 3 girls and 2 boys !
here the first picture

more pictures here

Maia has so much fun at the agility course ... thanks so much for the lovely pics to Laura in Spain !!!

TESSA - Rosebury Butterfly (Ahnentafel) Rosebury Sheridian x Rosebury Handle with Care
matured to a beautiful little girl...
gratulations to her success !

24 May 2009 CACIB Petrozavodsk, Russia, under judge Sh. Abrakimov Exc #1 CAC, CACIB, BOB, Ch RKF 

2 x CAC Schau Moskau - 1. February 2009 judge L.Krakovskaya and L.Nikitina - Tessa wins at both shows
Ex. I, CW, JCAC, BJ und BOB. Glückwünsche an Inna !

ROSEBURY Copper Sugar *polly*

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury copper sugar *polly*

CACIB internat. dog show Saarbrücken 09.May 2009
Rosebury Copper Sugar *POLLY* - 9 months - hast had fun at her first dog show at the weekend of 9th and 10th of May ... she started her show debut at the international dog show in Saarbrücken under judge Mrs Maryann Hogan (Stavonga Cavaliers, GB) with excellent #1, J-CAC, J-CAC VDH

CAC nat. dog show Knittelsheim 10.May 2009
Rosebury Copper Sugar *POLLY* - again a lovely day for this little blenheim girl - on Sunday at the national dog show under judge Mrs Christa Klotz, Germany, excellent #1, J-CAC and Best of Opposite Sex ! - owner Ch. Knecht

rosebury copper sugar *polly*


rosebury justin thyme cavalier king charles spaniel

10. May 2009 - CACIB Show Bratislava - judge Javorcik Vladimir.
Tamy - Rosebury Justin Thyme [pedigree] wins the championclass with Exc #1, CAC and CACIB
and fullfills with this winning the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONTITLE !!!

we are proud of this lovely boy !


cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury sea rose

with rosebury sea rose *linda* (miletree gerry mcguire x chantiz queen bee)

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury eye catching
Rosebury Eye Catching - by Maibee Moffat x Rosebury Romantic Classic ... lives up to her name ;-)

Happy Birthday - Gwenda !!!!
our Gwenda celebrated her 12 th birthday (!!!) in March 2009 !

TESSA - Rosebury Butterfly (Rosebury Sheridian x Rosebury Handle with Care)
2 x CAC Show Moskau - 1st. February 2009 judge: L.Krakovskaya and L.Nikitina - Tessa wins on both shows
Ex. I, CW, JCAC, BJ and BOB. Gratulations to her proud owner Inna Bazba !

cavalier king charles spaniel rüde black and tan

*new* - hopefully we will have some lovely black and tan puppies sired by this fabulous black and tan male in April this year.
Mother will hopefully be Pepper ... Rosebury Pinch Me I'm Dreamin'

we got so many lovely photos from our Cavalier friends ...
thank you to all of them for their wonderful pictures !


*Desmond* a lovely son by Melody v.d. Hohenzollernfeste ... is living with Julie Duke in the USA

Brenda - relaxing in the spring sun ... we gratulate to her 10th birthday !!! - *26.2.1999 -
Rosebury Be Loved
- owners are Christine and Tom Knecht

Internationaler CHampion "Rosebury Nickelback" - "Cash" schickt Grüße aus seiner warmen Heimat -
thanks to Vlada Yakovleva - Spain / Russia - for the fabulous pictures !

cavalier king charles spaniel black and tan
Maia "Delilah von der Hohenzollernfeste" (rechts) aus Leelyn Flash Harry x Rosebury Pinch Me I'm Dreamin' -
mit ihrer neuen Freundin in Spanien - wunderschöne Bilder von der liebevollen Besitzerin Laura Tugores, Barcelona

cavalier king charles spaniel taffeta vd hohenzollernfeste
Mittagsschlaf in der Schweiz - "Daisy" Taffeta vd Hohenzollernfeste (Royal Companion Deja Vu x Melody v.d. Hohenzollernfeste)
lässt es sich gut gehen ;-)
liebe Grüße an Familie Veser-Leschzyk !

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury dickens
Rosebury Dickens (Ch Rosebury Honey Bear x Rosebury Sea Rose) - von Familie Natasa Vrtacic, Slovenien

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury double agent
Rosebury Double Agent (Ch Rosebury Honey Bear x Rosebury Sea Rose) - von Familie Richter

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury double agent
Rosebury Double Agent (Ch Rosebury Honey Bear x Rosebury Sea Rose) - von Familie Richter

... celebrating birthday with ....

cavalier king charles spaniel
Major von der Hohenzollernfeste "Major" celebrated his 10th birthday in January 2009 ! - Besitzer: Dr. T. Frenzl

Babies in 2008 ....
some Hopefulls .... we wish them all good luck on their first steps in the showring ...

cavalier king charles spaniel - rosebury darwin
Rosebury Darwin - aus Rosebury Honey Bear x Rosebury Sea Rose - Bes. D. Wunder

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury desmond
Rosebury Desmond aus Rosebury Honey Bear x Rosebury Sea Rose - Bes. D.J Kay

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury copper sugar
Rosebury Copper Sugar aus Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Ocean Drive - Bes. C. Knecht

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury chulip
Rosebury Chulip aus Timsar Fortune Seeker x Rosebury Ocean Drive - Bes. M. Alopaeus

cavalier king charles spaniel carlotta von der hohenzollernfeste
Carlotta von der Hohenzollernfeste aus Leelyn Flash Harry x Xtra Sweet v.d. Hohenzollernfeste
Bes. E. Mirbach

cavalier king charles spaniel rosebury copper sugar



happy birthday marcy !!!

11.January 2009

we are celebrating Marcy's 10th birthday today
Multichampion Melody v.d. Hohenzollernfeste
(Sean Panta Rhei v.t. Heeske x Gwenda van Cavino)
although she has a few white hairs, her charme and mind is still like of a young dog
we have had so maney lovely weekends at dog shows together, so beautiful children in her litters, and so much fun ...
happy birthday, marcy !!!!

Ch. Rosebury Ultramarine "Marek"

(Ch. Pensrick Dixie Lee x Rosebury Handle with Care)

Marek is proudly owned by: Dr. Lesya Motsna, Kiew, Ukraine

Jr. Champion

November, 23rd 2008 "Cup of Kiev"
Judge J. Navada Carrero (Spain).
Marek got - CAC, CACIB, BOB

September, 20th 2008 the Championship of all breeds
Marek excellent #1, САС (the National Champion of Ukraine),
Judge; Will de Vries-Hoogland (Netherlands)

September, 20th 2008 "Dnepr 2008" CACIB show
 Marek got in the intermediate class excellent #1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
On September, 21st 2008 "Dawns of Dnepr 2008" CACIB
Marek got in the intermediate class excellent #1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - Judge Monique Van Brempt (Belgium).

April, 26-27th 2xFCI-CACIB " Gold Gate 2008 " and "Ukraine-2008"
Pasya has received 2х BEST BABY. Marek 2xJ.CAC, 2xBOB, 2x BEST Junior.

April 5th 2008 All breed dog Show "Kubok AСANA"
Best Junior, JCAC, BOB

October 21th 2007  "The Kubok of Kiev 2007"
Marek's first show - Best puppy in breed - Rosebury Ultramarine

cavalier rosebury ultramarine *marek* and owner lesya motsna
Alesya & Marek

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