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Rosebury Denver Girl

our LOVE

born 1999

... and still with 10 years very active and fit - a wonderful Cavalier that you wish to have with this age !

Denver ... beautiful and charming with being 10 years ... and lovely and sweet with 6 months old !!!! ...

Have a look on Denver´s soft and melting expression at the age of 5 months old.

We are proud to find exactly the same expression in her offspring, grandchildren and grandgrandchildren - our special Cavaliertype - something that many others tried to breed, but didn't get it!!!



rosebury denver
Denver 2 1/2 Jahre alt

rosebury denver
noch jugendlich im Ring ...

rosebury denver
mit ihrem ersten Wurf - 2 Rüden - Rosebury Love Letter und Rosebury Love Romance

Rosebury Denver Girl
Royal Companion
Tri Romancing


Royal Companion
Tri Sensation

Internationaler, Holl. Champion
Spar-To Great Guy Royal Companion Revolution Int. Ch. x
Dialynne Ebony Rose Dk. Ch
Loranka´s Just-A-Dream Ladykey Just in Time x
Loranka´s Babylove
Royal Companion Golden Romance

Internationaler, Holl. Champion
Gleaming Gold of Worth
Holl., Ch., Dt. BS
Leelyn Cha-Kath at Bonnyglen x
Russmic Clover
Loranka´s Coco Chanel Loranka´s Ambrosius x
Loranka´s Rustic Lace
Ricksbury Marie

Imp. UK

Linjato Ace of Base

GB Champion
Alberto of Kindrum
GB Champion
Harry of Kindrum Ch. x
Kindrum Bunny Girl
Linjato Moonlight Shadow Charmsbourne Moonraker x Linjato Chantelle
Ricksbury Royal Crest Lymrey Royal Reflection
of Ricksbury
GB Champion
Emsmere Royalist GB Ch. x Lymrey Top of the Pops Ch.
Bembridge Smooth´n
Sharp to Ricksbury Ch.
Hometown Ever Hopeful at Millhill x
Bembridge Rejoice

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